Welcome to the Vascular Malformations Clinic

We offer our outpatient, multidisciplinary Vascular Malformations Clinic (VMC) once a month. This clinic is usually held on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon of the month. The clinic is staffed by pediatric dermatologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, interventional radiologists, and general surgeons who are specially trained in the diagnosis and management of vascular anomalies.

Our goal is to offer expert consultation regarding the diagnosis and management of vascular anomalies, such as hemangiomas, lymphatic malformations, venous malformations, and other complex malformations. Patients with lesions that may benefit from a combination of medical and surgical opinions are ideal candidates for this clinic.

Patient Referrals

To refer a child to this clinic, a Consultation Request needs to be filled out and faxed to us by a physician. Please fax completed forms to: (650) 498-4209. PDF Document (PDF)

What to Expect

VAC is held on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon of each month. Prior to your visit, our nurse coordinator will contact you to facilitate obtaining your relevant medical records and imaging studies. We will review the imaging studies with our pediatric radiologist prior to your visit.

At the visit, your child will be examined by our team of doctors. The team will convene immediately after the examination to discuss your child's possible therapeutic options and provide you with a treatment plan.

VMC Team

Vascular Anomalies Clinic Team
(L-R, Rose Espinosa, Lorelei Hernandez MSW, Lorraine Spaulding, Douglas Fredrick MD, Annie Marqueling MD, Peter Koltai MD, Latanya Benjamin MD, Huy Do MD, Rohit Khosla MD, David Hovsepian MD, James Chang MD,
Joyce Teng, MD PhD)
Pediatric Dermatologists

Joyce Teng, MD, PhD

Phuong Khuu, MD
  Annie Marqueling, MD Alfred Lane, MD
Pediatric Surgery James Chang, MD
Otolaryngology Peter J. Koltai, MD
Plastic Surgery Rohit Khosla, MD 
Radiology Patrick D. Barnes, MD Shreyas Vasanawala, MD, PhD
Interventional Radiology Huy M. Do, MD David Hovsepian, MD
Cardiology / Lymphedema Stanley Rockson, MD  
Ophthalmology Douglas Fredrick, MD  
Social Worker Debbi Friedman, MSW Lorelei Hernandez, MSW
Nurse/CCS Coordinator Lisa Taylor, RN
Administrative Coordinator Lorraine Spaulding

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this clinic, please contact our Nurse Coordinator: Lisa Taylor, R.N. at (650) 725-9961

If you are have specific questions regarding your insurance authorization or upcoming appointments, please contact our Clinic Coordinator: Lorraine Spaulding at (650) 804-4820



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